About Us

Born out of passion for inspiring goods and a deep appreciation for artists, I’ve held a treasured dream close to my heart to create Home & Earth. While traveling for pleasure or work for over 30 years in corporate America, I’ve had the honor of meeting incredible creators and seeing their meticulous design process first hand. It is through this inspired reflection of the world of art and design, and appreciating how it can impact our emotions and well-being, a vision for Home & Earth has come true.

Our curated living collection includes everything from unique furniture pieces, cultural modern art to cozy textiles and functional accessories. These products are ethically and sustainably sourced, made by artisans locally in the US and internationally such as Europe, Morocco, East Asia and India. As we introduce and grow this brand, we’re also excited to share the design journey of the amazing creative partners we’re working with.
The world is a wondrous place, with spaces and stories that forever create a feeling of awe. I hope the Home & Earth brand evokes joy in discovery of the unknown and an appreciation of the craft of the familiar.