Platter, Pichwai Etched, brass with lapis lazuli 9"

In Indian tradition, there exists a profound connection between art and devotion, especially in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Followers of Shrinathji, an incarnation of the child god Krishna, have expressed their profound love for the deity through the medium of painting. One of the textiles adorning this idol is the Pichwai, meaning 'that which hangs at the back.' The artisans’s interpretation of these plates showcases the same distinctive motifs found in the art form – gracefully depicted cows, tropical plants, and cascading clouds – delicately etched onto brass with stone inlays. This collection is made with lapis lazuli that is said to bring inner serenity, intuition, and wisdom.

Material: Brass, with lapis lazuli 

Size: 9 Dia X 1 H

Created by Vikram Goyal and talented team of artisans. Based in New Delhi, India, Vikram Goyal has spent two decades refining a contemporary design language within the international collectible design market. His work personifies the spirit and skill of artisanal techniques found in historic objects and translates the rich legacy of craft excellence from India into modern, timeless designs that resonate at home and abroad.

Vikram Goyal has been named on Architectural Digest's list of the top 100 influential architects and interior designers in India. Additionally, he is a recipient of the Elle Deco International Design Award. Since 2020, Goyal has been showcased by Todd Merrill Studio in New York, and more recently, he has joined forces with Nilufar Gallery in Milan.

For over two decades, the Vikram Goyal studio has created collectible design objects with a focus on metal, particularly brass, as its primary material. Led by a sense of curiosity about the affordances of materiality, Goyal and a team of skilled craftspeople continually experiment with extending boundaries of traditional techniques, base pairings, and conceptual narratives—with extraordinary results. The inventiveness of the studio’s work is most striking in its seamless use of material wherein sheet metal, with its firm rigidity, takes on a sensuous, visceral persona. Large-scale objects become singular statements through detailed and deeply skilled processes of making, underpinned by the studio’s intergenerational knowledge and mastery of techniques including repoussé, pietra dura, and hollowed joinery.

Vikram Goyal studio is located in New Delhi, India

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